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Written by Oluwasetemi Stephen Ojo {...OOS} Relocated to Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.🎈 Say Hi to Him on Twitter.You can search through my blog using custom created tags.
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2019 chrome developer summit

Friday 13 December 2019 • ⌛ 1 min read• 🏷 conference• 🏷 2019• 🏷 note

I hope this was going to be my note for the conference but I failed. Taking notes during conferences is very crucial when ever you attend a…

2019 - The Review!

Saturday 30 November 2019 • ⌛⌛ 9 min read• 🏷 review• 🏷 2019

Such a huge year with opportunity to prove myself as a software developer. Plenty goals, few were crushed and others I failed at. Plenty…