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I'm a Fullstack Developer. I make all sort of stuff with Typescript, JavaScript, React, Nodejs. You can find my work on GitHub and CodeSandbox. I enjoy teaching and sharing about the things I build. Check out my writing.I help people learn more about web development.

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Lessons Learnt Meeting My Mentor

Wednesday 25 August 2021 • ⌛ 4 min read• 🏷 story• 🏷 mentoring

I have been struggling to move to a better company for a while. I have helped people start their own software development career but I lack the cutting edge to get into foreign engineering team. Recently, I applied to a mentoring program and meeting my mentor changed my life…

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Ojo Oluwasetemi

I ' m Oluwasetemi Ojo Stephen {...OOS}, A FullStack Developer (Reactjs, Nodejs, Typescript), currently lives in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria with my lovely and priceless Wife Temidayo .🎈
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