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Written by Oluwasetemi Ojo Stephen {...OOS}, A Full Stack Developer (Reactjs, Nodejs), currently lives in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria with my lovely and priceless Wife Temidayo .🎈
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Lessons Learnt Meeting My Mentor

Wednesday 25 August 2021 • ⌛ 4 min read• 🏷 story• 🏷 mentoring

I have been struggling to move to a better company for a while. I have helped people start their own software development career but I lack the cutting edge to get into foreign engineering team. Recently, I applied to a mentoring program and meeting my mentor changed my life…

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git with hub like github

Friday 12 February 2021 • ⌛ 4 min read• 🏷 learning• 🏷 git• 🏷 hub

The field is full of so much tools and you might be overwhelmed by a new release of every new tool out there. Just like when git came aboard the list of version control tools. I was not even a developer then, I mean I did not know who Chris Wanstrath, Tom Preston-Werner, P J…

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2019 - The Review!

Saturday 30 November 2019 • ⌛ 6 min read• 🏷 review• 🏷 2019

Such a huge year with opportunity to prove myself as a software developer. Plenty goals, few were crushed and others I failed at. Plenty learning and lessons, plenty positives to take to the new year and focus on the thing I said was going to do during my last year review and…

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The Story Of My Life

Saturday 01 June 2019 • ⌛ 3 min read• 🏷 personal• 🏷 story

Going to a university of technology was a strong concern from my daddy who insisted even when a university of agriculture offered me an engineering course.Straight from secondary school I wanted Petrochemical engineering because oil was the big thing in my country. As time pass…

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Code Like An Introvert, Communicate Like An Extrovert

Monday 20 May 2019 • ⌛ 2 min read

A solo developer has spent most of the time as a single element with the idea that he is self made and that he thrives better doing the business of zeros and ones alone - A lone wolf. He alone, he is on top of his game. I fear many introverts fall into this category, they like it…

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Array.prototype.flat and Array.prototype.flatMap

Thursday 20 December 2018 • ⌛ 2 min read

A Short love story of the experimental new addition to the Array methods - the Flat and FlatMap. We can level flat any irregular array (an array that contains array or arrays) irrespective of the depth level plus the one opportunity to flatten and map at the same time is a very…

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2018 - The Review!

Saturday 08 December 2018 • ⌛⌛ 10 min read• 🏷 review• 🏷 2018

The first full year as a full time developer - Devoting myself to the life long career of software development learning the lifestyle and writing codes , most importantly building several things for the web. The nights, the coffee, and bugs - the Joy and frustration engrained in…

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New Beginnings

Thursday 06 December 2018 • ⌛ 1 min read

A very difficult part of life is the beginning, full of waiting. 9 month for a new baby and numerous days/months/year for fruits. Harmattan is showing up on this side of the world and it signifies a new season, the season of thanksgiving. The season of christmas and chickens. The…

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Hello World

Sunday 02 December 2018 • ⌛ 1 min read• 🏷 intro• 🏷 beginning

Everything in this community begins with Hello, World and I am excited to start this blog. I will tell a small story of who I am, what I do. The goal is to show up regularly here at least once in a week. I love JavaScript and believe the next two big things in web development…

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