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Written by Oluwasetemi Stephen Ojo {...OOS} Relocated to Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.🎈 Say Hi to Him on Twitter.You can search through my blog using custom created tags.
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About Me 👨

I am Oluwasetemi 🇳🇬

I'm a web developer, teacher from Nigeria 🇳🇬, I love to work with JavaScript, Reactjs, Nodejs and GraphQL.

I teach programming and web development related courses to entry level developers and anyone who is learning software development. I focus on all the stuffs that will make the difference and make learning fun. I have a special way of making complex concept simple and easy to grasp. I really have keen interest in roles around Developer Educator, Developer Advocate or Developer Experience. Any Full-Stack roles.

I took time to learn JavaScript while I finished from university, I wrote about this in a blog, you should check it out.

Building Software products for clients is what I do when I am not teaching.You can checkout my portfolios here.

More on Family

I am the second of 6 children and the first male in the lineage both parent are late (Blessed memory). Mum died first year in university and Dad died while I was serving Nigeria (country of birth) in Benue(Food basket of the nation) 2017. I have 2 step siblings, Lovely Girls (Temi and Adeola).

I am in love 😍 with Ajayi Temidayo Abosede. She is a gift from God.

More on Technical Experience

I write anything related to JavaScript fluently. I have good experience with C# and Python (Flask). I have write a little bit of C and C++ (not near production experience trust me).

I have fierce interest in React and GraphQL and related technologies like Gatsbyjs (the technology I use to build this piece), Nextjs, Prisma, Redwood, Hasura, CMS - Contentful, Sanity, . For more technical details like uses, fonts, setup and dotfiles check here.

More about Location

Currently live in the beautify suburb of Osogbo, grew up in Ibadan , Worked 1 year in Lagos, My late dad has a house in Abuja our second home and NYSC Service took me to Benue State.I love travelling and exploring new cultures.

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