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Ojo Oluwasetemi

I ' m Oluwasetemi Ojo Stephen {...OOS}, A FullStack Developer (Reactjs, Nodejs, Typescript), currently lives in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria with my lovely and priceless Wife Temidayo .🎈
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About Me πŸ‘¨

I'm Oluwasetemi πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, my name is pronounced SHAY + TAY(Not TI) + ME. People often call me Ojo, Temi, Setemi or Stephen. I prefer to be addressed with anyone that is easy for you.

I'm a web developer, passionate about the stuffs I build from Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ who loves to work with JavaScript, Typescript Reactjs, Nodejs and GraphQL. I love to solve problems compared to focusing of the technology howbeit, I consider what technology is best fits the domain of problems.

I have keen interest in roles around Frontend Engineering, Backend Engineering, Developer Education, Developer Relations, Developer Experience and Full-Stack roles.

I sometimes teach programming and web development related courses to entry level developers. I focus on all the stuffs that will make the difference and make learning interesting. I have a special way of making complex concept simple and easy to grasp.


I took time to learn JavaScript after I finished from the university, I wrote about this in a blog, you should check it out.

Building Software products for clients is what I do when I am not teaching.You can checkout my portfolios here.

More on Family

I am the second of 6 children out of which Adeola and Temi are my step siblings and the first male in the lineage. Both parent are late (Blessed memory), Mum died first year in university and Dad died while I was serving(as a graduate in nigeria it is mandatory to serve the nation for a year which involves paramilitary training and other community services) Nigeria (country of birth) in Benue State (Food basket of the nation), Nigeria in 2017.

I am in love 😍 with Ajayi Temidayo Abosede. She is my gift from God.

More on Technical Experience

I build software with JavaScript and Typescript confidently. I have good experience with C# and Python (Flask, Django). I have written a little bit of C and C++ (not near production experience trust me, educational purpose).

I have keen interest in React, GraphQL and related technologies like Gatsbyjs (the technology I use to build this piece), Nextjs, Prisma, Keystone, CMS - Contentful, Sanity, . For more technical details like uses, fonts, setup and dotfiles check here.

More about Location

I currently live in the beautiful city of Osogbo, grew up in Ibadan , worked 2 year in Lagos, Abuja happens to be my second home and NYSC Service took me to Benue State.I love travelling and exploring new cultures.

More Links

Contact - Contact me!

Links - a bunch of links to stuff I work on.

Uses - all the stuffs I use from fonts, vscode theme to IDE and dotfiles.

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