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The team was to implement a solution that allows anyone with a mobile phone and internet to have a voice in community politics and issues facing the Nigerian system. It is a web and mobile solution which was powered by a very new technolgy GraphQL at the heart of everything.

My Role on the Project

  • Collaborated with 2 backend devs, 2 frontend, 1 mobile dev and 2 project managers.
  • I convinced the team to use GraphQL instead of the traditional rest api.
  • Designed and modelled the database with 3 other devs.
  • I did the project setup for the backend (nodejs, graphql, express-graphql).
  • GitLab runner was used to handle the CI and CD.
  • I handled some of the devOps tasks. (Digital Ocean, Linux).
  • Wrote Test implementation for the backend and we used the new ESM module to have ES nodules.


Using GrapQL in a production environment seems so cool, the problem we were tryig to solve was very intresting to everyone on the team withwhich, the designs gave us morale boost. The discussion about the architecture and design of the system make me so happy. In the end, we ran into a scope creep due to the client. Lot of lesson was taken over in this project.

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