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why you should learn javascript

📅 August 28, 2020 • ⌛ 3 min read🏷 javascript🏷 learning🏷 code🏷 personal✏️ Edit this post on GitHub

My Decision

Immediately after university education around December 2015, I made a solemn promise to learn and learn it properly. Almost 5 years after the commitment, I am not backing out on my commitment. I want to learn the language wholly, completely and will thus do everything I can to stay true to this saying of mine. Let me go straight to my reason why you should learn JavaScript if at all you plan or want or need to learn JavaScript.

Why and What Led me to this Decision

I can’t say what my Decision to learn JavaScript was built on but I will tell you few things that might have led to it and the lessons I have learnt. But before I start let me establish some background on my perceived Identity.

  • I was a failed programmer, all through university education I assumed I could code with just my fierce, keen and passionate interest alone but I was wrong.

  • The quest of what will I end up doing for living calls out to me after my final examination from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

  • I have failed at properly, consistently learning C#,C++, Java and Turbo Pascal with GUI.

I could conclude that this 3 reasons were what led me to dedicate a large chunk of my life into a thorough learning of JavaScript. As failed programmer during university days, what career will I decide to commit my life into after university, failing from several efforts to learn something I was very interested could have made me a failure, reasons to give up. But for me Oluwasetemi, It was more than enough to prove to myself and others that I am not a failed programmer, nor will failing at learning some programming languages be a deciding factor to my life outcomes. And finally the quest of a career path where I would be happy and successful were all enough to motivate me to learn JavaScript. This were all my reasons. Let me share with you what I meant by saying learning properly.

How do I mean ‘Learn properly’

Trying to watch tutorial or reading a book to learn to me seems false as the first step to learning a concept properly. Its like a dead end or road about ( revolving round a spot ). I tried to get more understanding into Learning How to Learn. That moment you have a clear understanding of a right way to approach learning, you would not struggle with anything in life. You have a clear picture of what your capacity is and how to get the best out of your current capacity and strength. The way we each learn is very different and we need to pay careful attention to approach we take while attempting to learn or distill any concept. Learning properly is going at a new subject at your pace and building things on the subject you’re learning. Your ability to build stuffs with what you have learnt.

What I found out after I took more time to focus on understanding Learning as a concept, I had the confidence to approach any new Technology or concept. Have a clear picture of what you are about to learn and give yourself to doing a detailed research on how and what approach others have taken towards learning the same thing you are about to learn. My google search history in the 2015’s and 2016’s would contain a lot of search results like ‘what is the best way to learn javascript’, ‘what is the best video material to learn javascript’, ‘what are the table of contents to know to become a good software developer or computer scientist or frontend developer’, ‘the best blog on learning javascript’, ‘the best books on learning javascript’. I gave my self to researching on the topic i wanted to learn.

Of which years after I am still trying to answer the same question of how to learn javascript and learn properly. So if anyone is reading this and they are learning javascript or knows someone who is planning to learn the programming language of the web, then I should be your best friend on that journey.

The answer is close and will be coming in bits over in my next articles

I will answer in very detailed steps with no focus on any material but show you a bit of the all the structure that you can put in place to learn javascript properly. I am not advertising for any material or publisher so I will avoid too much focus on a material but will try to provide a system that can sustain anyone with little or no experience writing code.

Here are tips you should consider, research well on the subject(JavaScript) before attempting to learn, Learn enough to build something, Learn JavaScript as a programming language before you learning JavaScript in the browser. Learn more about Frontend Frameworks and build something. Learn JavaScript on the server (Nodejs).Learn the kind of thing people are building with JavaScript.

Check out the part 2 of this post here

edited on 11th November, 2020 01:19 Thank you for reading and stay tunned for more on the this topic.

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