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2018 - The Review!

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The first full year as a full time developer - Devoting myself to the life long career of software development learning the lifestyle and writing codes, most importantly building several things for the web. The nights, the coffee, and bugs - the Joy and frustration engrained in the wonderful 2018 year. It was my first year as a Grad. This was another year of travelling for me. Full of taking responsibilities. I could never be less grateful.

Conclusion of NYSC - POST NYSC

First Look

Finishing NYSC (A compulsory service - military and vocation service to my country compulsory for all grads) sent waves of fear down my spine thinking of what life will look like as a grad. I was afraid because of the uncertainty that was ahead. I was hopeful I will survive - Instincts. Where will I be heading to after the completion of the compulsory national service to my beloved nation. I wanted something related to academics and I 💖 computer science so much that I wanted to do software development at a professional level. In all this fear, I realized that I was not employable according to my own standards.

I have this opinion of ”can I employ myself with my current academic and skill level?”. I knew I won’t be applying for Jobs yet but I will be building up my skill set to a level that I am comfortable to work for any organization I so much desired. I started processing my master at the University of Ibadan to buy me time to learn JavaScript and Node(More about web development and computer science basics) without telling my parent, only informed a few friends. if you are in this phase of life or will be in years to come - embrace the Journey ahead and be truthful to follow your heart desire and passion not looking at the environment as a yard stick measurement in your decisions.

My Verdict to stay in Ibadan

Spent all of my early stage in Ibadan mostly with my late mum - Mrs B.T.O Ojo since dad was always away from home in different stations ranging from Ogun, Osun, Ibadan, Kano, Nasarrawa and finally Abuja as the last base. I could move to Abuja with my step family and work close to daddy or move down west and continue the family legacy or move to Lagos the main tech hub of Nigeria.

After reading “Outliers - Malcom Gladwell” - I made a decision to move to Ibadan and stay in my Aunt’s apartment in UCH to buy me good access to electricity and move away from relatives monitoring every of my move. Stay true to your decision irrespective of what people say or think.

Staying in UCH - University College Hospital will get me prepared for my MSc in UI - University of Ibadan. I opted to setup my workstation - A computer table with keyboard movable tray, I took a new LG TV to extend via HDMI to my crook old 5040 Dell Inspiron with a old Glo netpro modem I inherited from my sister.

Picture of my workstation

Adversity and Tough Times

I love to listen to Inky Johnson a lot and I like the idea of staying positive during the period of adversities and tough times because it is in them that we are made over and over into the lasting person we desire to be - all loving human being we have dreamed to become - successful and happy.

The Idea that I was on my own made things hard for me, even the waves of the ₦19,000 coming to an end is cool enough to make one think. No source of income yet, part of my savings going into my MSc processing and travelling. I have learnt to take responsibility for certain family demands from the early days of my life.

A lot of my family associates wanted to know my next move and decision and it was more like intruding to me even though I knew some really cared. I knew I was going to survive because I am an optimist and I attack issues right on before they ever show up. I saved a lot during the NYSC days even though it was little. Yeah the fun part was saving data for learning JavaScript and Programming. I saved close to 40GB of data and I was able to stay up to date with learning demands until around April when I was stable financially.

Volunteering at SimplyGospellyricsAfrica

Here is a one thing I skipped in the initial draft, how managed?. The funny thing about gospellyrics is how much it had helped me to become a better person. The friends I met in the process are so wonderful, Oluwarufus and Ewaoluwa(Ifeoluwa I-solo). Before I Finished NYSC I started posting lyrics for fun before I loved it. (can’t say why maybe i like Rufus - That’s a story for another day). Then Rufus reached out and he promised a small token and that made me more happy to post more frequently and remember that I was out of service with nothing to do, just learn to code and post gospellyrics was not a bad way to get means of survival - I mean data to stay alive on the internet and keep learning.

Getting to read lyrics of song over and over made me get close to the creativity of song writers and artistes, got to follow a lot of then on the social media. If only we all saw ourselves as artists, in our day to day pursuit we can unlock the art in us for the world to see. It also drew me close to God in fellowship. I posted 389 songs November 2017 to 2018 August and I was given a target of 3 songs at least per day or a total of 30 songs monthly. The learning of how to write codes become overwhelming and I could not keep up with posting the lyrics again. I had issues with one of the website where I got most of the foreign Africa lyrics from. It was a venture that was captivating and I hope I can do more in the coming days. Thank Mr Oluwarufus and his lovely wife.

I asked him to be my mentor and he chickened out on my request - I know he is a busy man. Still I get to call him and ask him a lot of questions about software development and the tech community in lagos. I hope to get a better shot at working on a project together sometimes soon.

Rejection and Human Plans

Taking life one step at a time is a blessing you can do for yourself at any phase or stage in life. I took this approach with all I was going to be involved in. I was not emotionally attached to anything/ Process/ Idea/ Perspective.

I learnt that my application for MSc was not successful, it made me sad - for the time, effort and money. I wanted MSc for my deep interest in teaching and academics in general. I also knew that Computer Science Education in my country was not anything near the perception of the career in general. I wanted to help and I was told I was not good enough.

My Plans had hit ROCK END, no more hiding and how do I tell everyone I had told MSc was the next thing. I felt bad and sorry for me yet like ever, as always I have good hope and I appreciate my life more than ever.

Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word. - Proverbs 16: 1 MSG.

EduLight and the Blessing of Teaching

I love teaching and I could live my life teaching over and over - it was part of the gene I inherited from mum and dad together 🤷‍♂️. My teaching days during nysc were without sweat. it was just with ease and I love the blessedness and the opportunity to learn and impact.

I saw a Job advert, I applied and I got the Job - Web Development and Teaching together. Building a modern curriculum for people to learn and build websites with a consulting firm in Dugbe, Ibadan.

I accepted because the pay was good, it offered me time for progression and personal development, it was the most challenging task as I love to be challenged. I drew a new plan and idea and I committed myself to teaching HTML, CSS and JS. Thank you Mr Mayokun Odusote for believing in me despite the challenges.

FCC Poster

Freecodecamp Ibadan and Community Impact

These are the source of our best memories, the moments where we moved forward and felt the chance to make a difference.

FCC Poster 2

A life changing opportunity to do the work that really counts for the people that really matter. I started (actively) the sleeping community of Freecodecamp in Ibadan - Started by Ridwan Rasheed and organized by Yusuf Adeyemo. Joined as a co-organizer after several engagement with the team. The Idea is to help people like me who are learning JavaScript in the cold all alone to meet up regularly at least once a month to talk about the challenges and how to overcome together.

FCC Poster 3

Trust is key, very few would leave their house to a meet-up destination in Ibadan without prior knowing the venue or the organizers. Dapo Ajuwon was very helpful in the beginning as we connected on Facebook. Thank you fine boy footwear lover Co-organizer of GDG Ibadan.

FCC Poster 4

We met may, june, july, september, october, november and december with over 40 different person in attendance, roughly 120 in total attendance. Our target is to help anyone with interest to get started with JavaScript and web development in general. All the meet-up happened at the EduLight HQ, Dugbe, Ibadan with several talks and workshop on how to get the best from the community.

FCC Poster 5

To read more check out my blog on the summary of the community in writing.

My Life and Family

At a very difficult time for me and my family - especially managing the properties in Abuja and Ibadan. Keeping the family running is a cost that every man will pay sooner or later. More so I enjoyed living with Aderinola Omobolade very well for months before she finished secondary school and moved to lagos with my elder sister. I got better in communication with Ayooluwa Omobolaji as well, which has been my desire for a longtime now. I appreciate his simple and balance harmony and I am blessed to have such wonderful hearts to share my life with.

Bolade's graduation

My constant fight and worry partner Waleade Adetayo Omotayo is the best sibling package ever. I give her a lot of trouble but I get love in return seeing you is a placebo every time. My partner in this struggle. Your are a warrior and I hope I can be like you one day big sister. Thank you for permitting me to stay in Ibadan.

Responsibility demands

I don’t like it when I see entitlement engrained in me because I was trained to value something earned over anything given.

In my daddy’s voice - ₦10 earned is better than ₦1000 given.

I have the mentality that we have to work for everything we’re going to get so I want to lead a responsible life that is harmonious in every bandwidth of my existence. I have a demand that keeps me working late all night, that makes me want to do extra, that make me dream and that makes me hope. Providing for my family is key irrespective. Giving my children *to be a better future is important for me. Helping everyone I can is very essential for me. Above all my family demands a better version of me every time I look and think about my late mum’s sacrifice for us.

Counting my Blessings

The main essence of writing this is Gratitude, the feeling that I am grateful to the process and Journey. The strong determination and integrity to stay humble learning, building and selling. An handwriting on the wall of a vision board for the years ahead. The Legacy that all I did is because God gave be breath for free, I believe in Jesus Christ and He is the reason of all I have done, still doing, will do until the last breath I will breathe.

Quitting my Job in Ibadan

Not sure it’s a good decision but I resigned at EduLight consulting to get a new challenge to improve my skill set, brand value and gather a more professional experience in software development.

I am sure of one thing, it’s always good to move on when you feel too convenient with a phase in life. I want more out of me and it will only come once I get a new challenge. A new life, a new environment, a new opportunity to be relevant, a new opportunity to be world class and a new hope to stay learning.

My Search for Job

As a digital nomad, I have been documenting my process of Job application in a google spread sheet that I hope I will make public soon, applying to Jobs and doing interviews have taught me a lot of things. I will update it here once I have finalized the new Job.

If you know anyone who is looking to hire a JavaScript developer (front-end or back-end) kindly reach out to me.

Looking Ahead

I can only hope for the beautiful things to come, all I am focused on right now is how to maximize the opportunity and privilege around me to become a good software developer and get better at teaching. Building a good family should be in motion soon - it takes two to tango (purposeful co-pilot is wanted here).

2019 I want to build more useful product with JavaScript, Node and React. Maximizing the digital revolution to reach every kid in africa with good education will make me pleased. Starting the conversion What is school for? and how NUC must improve the computer science curriculum. Get to reach to more new beginners and programming enthusiast, starting a podcast on computer science and web development. Get more of my thought together in writing and stay healthy and happy.


Learning how to learn is a song I hope I won’t stop singing while still in this earthly container and how it must change the Nigerian Education sector.

My 5-hour rule still stands - to learn something new with at least 5 hours in a week. My 10000hrs rule is still on as well, running the second year of 8.5hours of coding currently.

Improving and documenting my learning process is key for me next year in terms of creating media rich products for the benefit of developers.

I will be learning how to play chess.

A New Love For Podcasts

Podcast Screenshot 27th December, 2018 A list of the podcasts I love listening to:

  1. Syntax fm co-hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski
  2. Freecodecamp Podcast by the freecodecamp community
  3. Akimbo by Seth Godin
  4. Ask Pastor John by Pastor John Piper
  5. Basecs by Vaidehi Joshi & Saron Yitbarek
  6. Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott
  7. The TIM Ferriss show by Tim Ferriss
  8. The CodeNewBie
  9. Full Stack Radio by Adam Wathan
  10. Forloop Podcast by Kolokodess
  11. JavaScript Jabber by Charles Max Woods
  12. The console.log by Harry Wolff and Matthew Gerstman
  13. React Podcast by Chantastic
  14. Retropod
  15. ShopTalk by Chris Coyer
  16. Quote of the Day by Sean Croxton
  17. Command Line Heroes
  18. Front end Happy Hour
  19. FreakNomics Radio

I listen mostly while on commute or doing chores or anytime I need to cool off with a walk. I encourage new devs to start a culture of listening to Podcast by using a podcast management app, I use Pocket Casts. The best for me is Syntax FM.

Moments in Pictures

Answering a question at forloop Ibadan Meetup

With friends at another friend's wedding

alt alt alt

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